Dishwasher wont drain?

Dishwasher wont drain?

The most obvious cause is that the homeowner neglected to run the garbage disposer before starting the dishwasher. In this region, most dishwasher drain hoses attach to a drain opening in the side of the disposer. If the disposer is full of food waste, or not operating, (i.e., stopped up ,or broken) there is no way that the dishwasher can drain. Before you push the panic button, run the disposer, then try to drain the dishwasher.  Many dishwashers have a cancel/drain feature which will accomplish this.

dishwasher won’t start?

Dishwasher won’t start? No power, no lights? I don’t know how many hundred of these I’ve fixed over the phone. Most homes built around Charlotte since the 1970’s have what appears to be a light switch controlling power to the dishwasher. Most people don’t realize that switch on the wall with the sink light and disposer is for the dishwasher. Try flipping that “mystery switch” before you call.

Dryer taking too long to dry?

I’m frequently called about dryers that take 2-3 hours to complete a cycle. Most of the time the cause is the exhaust vent rather than the dryer. Many houses and apartments have inadequate dryer vent systems which are either too long, or have too many bends. The result is a vent full of combustible lint and a slow-performing dryer. If the top of the dryer is really hot to the touch, or if you smell something burning, investigate further. Turn on the dryer and find where the vent exits the dwelling. Feel for air movement at the outside wall cap. ( Hard to do when it’s on the second story, you need a pro for these situations) If you feel no air-flow, begin to suspect the vent. There are many reputable vent cleaning companies in our area, and this is a home owners task not to be ignored.

Refrigerator not cooling?

Many people assume that a malfunctioning refrigerator is caused by either a bad compressor, or is low on “freon”.  Modern refrigerators have very reliable compressors and rarely loose their refrigerant charge. Most failures I see are fan motors, and failure to defrost. Energy saving fan motors don’t last very well and we are stuck with them on Energy Star refrigerators. We save electricity initially, but pay for more frequent repairs. Self defrost refrigerators are much more reliable then before, but a frosted up cooling coil can cause degraded performance and sour milk. Things to look for: Is the light turning off when the door is closed? Is the condenser coil covered with dust or pet hair? Cleaning the condenser once a year is the one thing you can do to lengthen the life of your refrigerator. This is rather easy on Whirlpool products, and tricky on GE.

Washer won’t spin? – Washer won’t drain?

Most consumers use entirely too much detergent in their front loading washer. Although the detergent manufacturer specifies larger amounts, most front load washers only require 2-3 tablespoons of liquid detergent. If the rubber door seal is covered with a thick coating of dark matter, it’s just possible you are using too much soap. Also, if you have to re-spin clothes to get the water out, this also points to too much soap. Don’t waste your money on excess detergent. Now if you have a top loader, it could be the same thing, but a bad lid switch or other malfunction may be the cause. Advise in this case is to call me…