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Gas Burner wont light?

Gas burner won’t light? If the round burner cap is not fully seated on the burner base, you will experience uneven flame patterns, lack of

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Dishwasher wont drain?

Dishwasher wont drain? The most obvious cause is that the homeowner neglected to run the garbage disposer before starting the dishwasher. In this region, most

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Oven not baking well?

Do you have aluminum foil in the bottom of your oven? It’s great for catching spills, but it really fools the temperature sensor into reporting

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dishwasher won’t start?

Dishwasher won’t start? No power, no lights? I don’t know how many hundred of these I’ve fixed over the phone. Most homes built around Charlotte

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Refrigerator not cooling?

Many people assume that a malfunctioning refrigerator is caused by either a bad compressor, or is low on “freon”. (Although Freon ,R12 was phased out

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